Why Patterned Driveways

Why Patterned Driveways?

Need a New Driveway? Realistically there are only two options for you. ( we shall ignore, plain drab concrete, tarmacadam, shingle, gravel etc)

1. BLOCK PAVING Looks good at first but when it’s a few years old it gets weeds, dips, the blocks come loose and they fade. Why pay top-notch prices for a temporary job? The pictures below are examples of why we do not install brick/paver drives!


When laid by Wrexham Concrete Design it will hold its looks for many years.It will not get weeds as it is simply one slab of reinforced concrete laid with an imprinted pattern on top.It will not fade as both the colour and seal are UV resistant. Wrexham concrete design believe in the quality and longevity of this process so much that we only offer pattern imprinted concrete and nothing else.


The following are the key reasons why we only install pattern imprinted concrete drives

  • No sinking or spreading
  • No weeds
  • Oil & stain resistant
  • When sealed, the surface is 25% harder than normal concrete
  • Colours do not fade
  • Minimal maintenance


Available in many patterns and colours.

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